Angels in Exile (2014)

ANGELS IN EXILE challenges viewers to look past the violent and often graphic image of homeless youth and see them for what they are: children. Eight years in the making, Billy Raftery's documentary focuses on two inspiring children living on the streets in South Africa, Zulieka and Ariel. A witness to their entire adolescence, we observe their fight to survive not only the dangers around them, but also the haunting memories of the past that led them to the streets in the first place. Narrated by Charlize Theron. Executive Produced by Traction Media.

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Domestic Distributor: Snag Films
International Sales Company: Journeyman Pictures
  • Santa Barbara International Film Festival (2013)
  • Durban International Film Festival (2013)
  • Aruba International Film Festival (2013)
  • Montreal International Black Film Festival (2013)